Wheelie Machine

Wheelie Machine

How do I use the Wheelie Simulator?

You be given a full description on how the Simulator works, controls, do's and don'ts before you start your experience. Full tuition will commence at the start of your session.

How many people can use the wheelie Simulator at one time?

Only one (1) rider may use the wheelie simulator at anyone time for safety reasons. However if you would like to get a feeling of a wheelie but don't feel comfortable controlling it your self the trained operator is able to give you a tandem experience you will never forget.

What risks are associated with this type of activity?

Motorbike activities by their nature contain elements of risk. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you an adventurous experience in a risk-reduced environment.

Is the Wheelie Simulator checked on a regular basis for safety?

The Wheelie Simulator undergo rigorous maintenance and safety testing by competent operators in accordance with manufacturer's guidance.

First Aid Facilities:

The controllers of the Wheelie Simulator carry a first aid kit along with bandages in accordance with health and safety regulations.

What insurance cover do we have in case of accidents?

Public Liability Insurance covers the Wheelie Simulator to the amount of £5 million.

What about personal property?

We cannot accept any liability for personal property, which is lost or stolen. The user leaves their property with our permission but at their own risk.

Food and Drink:

Under no circumstances will food or drink be allowed within the immediate vicinity of the Simulator, for hygiene and safety reasons.

Can I ride whilst intoxicated?

Alcohol and/or drugs will NOT be tolerated in any circumstance. The management reserves the right to refuse anyone that they believe to be under the influence.

What about noise?

All efforts are in place to keep noise down to a reasonable limit; however this is a real sports motorbike, fan system and a low-noise power generator, so some noise is to be expected. However we are able to fit a standard factory silencer bring noise levels down further.

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